For always in our hearts….Our goofy boy Ambush P

After a 7 month hard struggle he lost his fight. We had to let him go. With him a piece of us died.
He became only 3 years and 9 months.
He was very special, a very big handsome, strong boned, gentle giant, Poly. He was everything you could wish for.
Indescribable ….

Black and white, born 9 March 2007, passed away 3 Dec 2010.


Let me go

to the place

where peace is in the heart

where roses blow forever

and nothing is apart


Let me go to the place

where the light is evershining

despite the emptiness you feel

keep just the memory in mind

so I can rest and heal


Let me go to the place

where time and space do not exist

only everlasting love

in which the spirits will persist



Some day

We’ll be one

This photo card I got a few years ago when I was on vacation and ended up in the hospital.
Got it from a very dear friend who knows how to cheer me up.
Ambush will always stay our special boy…