Akira is our “little pony”, a strong gentle teddybear.
He is a big boy with a gentle personality, king at home and on show he is very shy.

He has a perfect strong boned body, pure white and a long fluffy tail.
He has large ears with little lynx tips, beautiful profile and a good strong chin.

Akira can play for hours with his toys, it is a pleasure to see.
He has a nice voice and talks a lot, so good to hear.
Together with Laurel he has a reservation on our bed, and he is the cuddle king.


Thanks to Ed and Monique for this stunning boy.

Color: White
Born: 01-09-2008
Sir: EC Raguël Angelium Feline Fantasy
Dam:  GIC Edenpark’s Breanna Warjun
Breeder: Monique Beekmans
Owner: Jenny Charalampidis
HCM echo: 23-02-2010/ 03-03-2011 Negativ
PKD echo: 23-02-2010 Negativ
PL: 14-01-2011 Negativ

FIFe Show Results Akira

Place Date Class Judge Results
Groningen (NL) dec-2008 12 / 3-6 mnd Marino Koot EX 2, BIS Litter
Haarlem (NL) jan-2009 12 / 3-6 mnd Stephe Bruin EX 1, NOM BIS
Alkmaar (NL) mei-2009 11 / 6-10 mnd Sebastian Pruchniak EX 1, BIV
Boxtel (NL) jun-2009 11 / 6-10 mnd Marino Koot EX 1, BIV
Paris (FR) okt-2009 9 Dorte Kaae CAC
Paris (FR) okt-2009 9 Stéphane Bernard CAC, NOM BIS
St Gallen (CH) WW okt-2009 9 Fabrice Calmes CAC Worldshow
Groningen (NL) dec-2009 7 Henry Hornell CACIB, NOM BIS
Haarlem (NL) jan-2010 7 John Rudolph CACIB
Minden (D) feb-2010 7 Marie Westerlund CACIB
Minden (D) feb-2010 7 Rolf Voehringer CAGCIB, NOM BIS
Hilversum (NL) feb-2010 5 Waltraut Sattler CAGCIB
Arnhem (NL) apr-2010 5 Jørgen Billing CAGCIB
Arnhem (NL) apr-2010 5 Lene Glem CAGCIB
Mersch (L) apr-2010 5 Helene Reiter CAGCIB
Mersch (L) apr-2010 5 Alfred Wittich CAGCIB, NOM BIS
Heiden (D) jun-2010 3 Dietmar Sagurski CACS
Heiden (D) jun-2010 3 Anne-Gro Edstrøm CACS
Boxtel (NL) jun-2010 3 Ina van Berkum CACS, NOM BIS
Genk (B) sep-2010 3 Lili Anciau CACS
Paris (FR) okt-2010 3 Anne Veland CACS, NOM BIS
Paris (FR) okt-2010 3 Godier Lepert CACS
Bad Rappenau (D) feb-2011 3 Luigi Comorio CACS
Bad Rappenau (D) feb-2011 3 Hanne Sofie Sneum CACS
Schiedam(NL) sep-2011 3 Andreas Woelm CACS