Chubby is our youngest male, he has a long and strong body with a gorgeous coat in superb blue tabby!

He has large ears with nice long lynx tips, a good profile, good chin and a long furnished tail.
Chubby has a very soft temper just like his daddy Vinni, very important for us.

We would like to thank Heidi and Ton for this precious gem!







Color: Blue tabby white
Born: 29.07.2016
Sir: Dotcom YRL Da Vinci of Janecoon
Dam: Sitalas Kalifornia
Breeder: Heidi Terburg-Lemmers
Owner: Jenny Charalampidis

HCM echo: 23-12-2017 Negativ
PKD echo:23-12-2017 Negativ
PL: November 2017 Negativ
HCM DNA gen(MyBPC3): N/N
Color: A/A  So Chubby gives only tabby.
PKDef: N/N