Started as a petlover and exposed to something more.

We live in Holland. I am married to Harry and we have two sons. My real name that was given me at birth was Jane, that explains the name Janecoon.
Our cats are our children, I am raised with cats and they will always be a special part of our life.

The reason we only have stud males and no open females is, we don’t want to split up our group in separate rooms.
We love our cats and do everything to make them feel comfortable in our house.They have access to the whole house and a cat-proof garden.
We have a very harmonious group.

After 40 years of cats around me, I wanted to do something for the breed Maine Coon.
Breeding is not what we want, so we preferred to have only studs.
May 2010 we adopted our first stud from Dotcom cattery in Canada.
I flew over to take Pablo in my arms, it was a wonderful trip thanks to Jane and her family.
I was in love for a long time with the cats and lines that Jane Turner from Dotcom uses.

We are FIFe and TICA registered and you can find us regular in the show hall.

Jenny Charalampidis